Mindful Education for All


The Universati™ platform offers resources for everyone who needs support in living, loving or leading more mindfully. 

Access free informational guides, instructional videos and quick tips on how to harness your innate qualities of mindfulness, resilience and compassion to experience more ease and freedom in your personal, parenting and professional life.

For more substantial support, Universati founder Chrissy Watson offers 1:1 personal coaching as well as group classes teaching applied mindfulness in any setting.

The Universati™ platform is also home to EDUniversati™, an adolescent Eating Disorder (ED) education and advocacy change platform designed to EDucate parents, schools and organizations about eating disorder prevention, treatment and recovery.

5 Eating Disorder Myths
3 Ways to Stay Calm


Eating disorders

Learn about early warnings signs in children and adolescents, current evidence-based treatments, and how to find help at EDUniversati™.

mindful parenting

Discover more ways to feel confident in your parenting style and make more skillful, effective choices.

mindful living & leading

Use simple, effective techniques to achieve more peace, clarity, ease and resilience. Improve your communication skills and lead with awareness.

insight meditation

Follow guided mindfulness meditations and authentically engage with the science-backed ancient tradition of vipassana.


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The Universati™ platform provides Mindful Education for All. You will find resources on how to use mindfulness practices to increase clarity, build a stronger sense of equanimity, improve resilience, enhance communication and performance, and experience greater well-being.


If you are interested in a higher level of support or more personalized guidance, Universati™ founder, Chrissy Watson, offers paid 1:1 coaching. Scholarships and pay-what-you-can options are available for paid services.

Chrissy is also available for workshops, presentations and training on mindfulness at work and mindful parenting.

Universati™ is a play on words combining “university” + “sati.” Sati means “mindfulness” in Thai and ancient Pali. 

EDUniversati™ is the same play on words combining “university” + “sati” and adding the prefix “ED,” which stands for “eating disorder.”

EDUniversati™ is the Universati™ change platform offering free eating disorder education and resources for parents, caregivers, schools and organizations seeking information or support in eating disorder prevention, treatment and recovery.

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Chrissy Watson, J.D., M.B.A., CMT-P, founded the Universati™ platform to provide Mindful Education for All

Chrissy is an American-born heritage Buddhist; Professional-level Mindfulness Teacher; Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher; Mayo Clinic-trained Health & Wellness Coach; Martha Beck-trained Wayfinder Life Coach; former federal criminal prosecutor, civil litigator & research university contracts officer; and mother of two, on a mission to make the mindful way of life accessible to all and EDucate parents, schools and organizations about eating disorder prevention, treatment and recovery.

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